The San Felipe  Blues and Art Festival

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The 2007 San Felipe Arts and Blues Festival

San Felipe Sidewalk Art DisplayThe Art portion of this year's festival was well attended and detailed a group of artists that stretched down a good portion of the Malecon. The mediums represented were diverse and ran the gamut from glass to stone. Crowds of vacationers and Spring Breakers tilted their heads and stroked their chins at the rich selection of work. Artists struck up conversations with interested passersby and friends bumped into each other with the usual regularity a small town accords.

The Blues part of the event was a mixed experience, according to one attendee. While the music was very satisfying, the number of ticket holding patrons was abysmal. Between 12 and 15 was one estimate. The cost of tickets was the reason cited. Forty dollars to attend the two day event, or twenty five for a single day. The four or five bands were spread out over an eight hour period, which virtually required an audience member to warm a bench for the whole day. Paper wrist bands were San Felipe Bluesprovided to indicate a single or double day participant but the organizers apparently didn't consider what would happen to flimsy bracelets if a two day attendee wanted to shower after a night of dancing. Scissors and scotch tape were not provided.

If there is another Blues event planned for next year, perhaps two or three stages might be assembled on-site and instruments and equipment prearranged so the bands could play back-to-back and a person wouldn't have to oscillate for an entire day to catch all the music available. Or maybe three or four venues could be used and ticket holders could roam between locations to hear the various musicians.



Below are Links to both the Blues and Arts

This year's (2008) Blues and Arts Festival will be held at the Baseball Diamond. $10 advance tickets. $20 at the door. Click HERE for the poster. Click HERE for the site.