San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
The Lions Club welcomes the Flying Samaritan’s back to San Felipe
Article by Kathy Preppernau/Photos by Robin Waters

The Flying Samaritan’s, those Doctors, Nurses, Pilots, Translators and Volunteers from Modesto, CA, who have dedicated many years of service to the needy in San Felipe and other parts of Mexico, came back again in February to continue their mission of giving. The Lions Club of San Felipe, thank them for their devotion and are proud to be a part of this service to our community.

They flew in on Friday afternoon, February 15th .and Dr. Yates, an Ears Nose and Throat surgeon, checked patients already prescreened by Karen Bradley and Dr Marquez the weekend before. Karen is the coordinator for this project. As an Air Force nurse and a Friend of the Lions Club, she has been instrumental in making these visits from the Flying Samaritans a success.

Saturday at the San Felipe Hospital, 7 patients who needed tonsillectomies or ear tubes, received the much needed operations. Assisting the doctor and anesthesiologist Dr. Brizendine, were Flying Sam nurse, Pam Lucas and our own local nurses Blanca Hafkamp and Ray Mostowy.

Bev Mostowy and her friends who continue to help her knit the cute little stuffed bears also deserve a big thank you. The children are always very comforted by the colorful cuddly bears when they come out of surgery.

Help was needed Saturday to register, translate, coordinate and assist the Flying Sam’s, but the Eye Clinic ran smoothly and efficiently throughout the day thanks to volunteers from the Lions Club, Rotary and other caring individuals at the same time the surgeries were taking place.

The Free Eye Clinic was headed by Dr Demshire, an Optometrist from Modesto, who has been serving here for many years. 137 patients had their eyes examined and were fit for glasses, which had been donated by Lions Clubs of the US. Pat Coleman, who owns an optometric lab and has worked with Dr. Demshire for many years, filled the prescriptions for those adults and children who would not have been able to afford the exams and glasses otherwise. It was heartwarming to see the smiles on the faces of those who were probably seeing clearly for the first time.

The Lions would also like to thank Cliff White, owner of Los Arcos Restaurant and Karen Bradley, owner of Baja Java, for the food donated to keep everyone sustained throughout the day.

Over the past year, 40 people have had badly needed surgeries; and 600 people in San Felipe have received eye exams, glasses and the wonder of good vision. All this is possible through the efforts of the Lions Club of San Felipe working with the Flying Sam’s. We are grateful to be able to bring that kind of help to our local community.

More Lions Club News

The Lions Club of San Felipe continues to receive donations of Medical Supplies that they distribute to local Physician’s and clinics in the area. Dr Abasolo was a recent recipient of 4 boxes of surgical supplies. These donations are much needed and welcomed by our local medical facilities.

Another of the Lions Clubs projects is the the SonShine Hacienda. A mission in progress lead by Pastor Gary Lewis and his wife Karen, to build a badly needed home for abused and abandoned children in the Las Minitas area of San Felipe. Last week they received donations from 3 Lions Clubs from Canada. The Mitchosen Lions Club donated
In January at a Lions Club meeting, Pastor Gary and Karen Lewis received a $1,000 donation from Dan & Audrey Coffman to the Sonshine Hacienda project.
$300.00, the Sooke Lioness Lions donated $500.00 and The Royal Oakes Lions donated $1,000. This is the main fundraising project of this Multiple District zone 19 ½ and its chairman Al Beddows. We appreciate their dedication to the mission and thank Bev and Ray Mostowy from our local club who were instrumental in getting these donations for the project from these Canadian Lions Clubs.

Bill Cartwright has also pledged a donation for the project from the proceeds of the next Golf Tournament, at Las Caras De Mexico.

For just $2.00 you too can be a part of this project.
The Sonshine Hacienda has been built through donations of labor and donated funds and will be finished “concrete block by concrete block” as the money comes in. They have calculated that one block and the mortar, costs $2.00 each, and they will need 7000 more blocks to complete the facility walls. If you would like to donate please go to their website at or email to

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