Shots Fired by Navy Ner Malecon

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Translated from Crisol Virtual

Marine fishermen chase, there were bullets


shots fired

San Felipe, Baja Calif

The characteristic calm of the Malecón was interrupted at the stroke of midnight on 24 March by the pursuit of a panga of alleged fishermen poaching by a boat of the Navy of Mexico coming from offshore, they reached the ramp is next the estuary. The hooting of an eccentric marine vehicle siren military filled the air, and then turned off and give way to several shots fired, allegedly by military elements.

The untimely arrival of the fishing panga and pursuit by the official armed vehicle near the beach of the Malecon attracted the attention of onlookers who came to the sidewalk railing of the coastal boulevard bordering the beach and a customary and constitutional law, several onlookers began filming video with their phones, as is part of the culture of the third millennium.

However, it seems that was not liked by the military, because they turned off the siren of the boat and moments later several shots were heard and those who were filming ducked out terror.

Thousands of versions -all without official confirmation, spread quickly. Some claimed that the sailors fired against one of the crew of the boat. There were those who argued there was an injured leg and others, more adventurous, declared the injured party died in a hospital.

In fact what could be known by the authorities, who in any of the hospitals in the health sector entered person with injury by a firearm, so was searched with private doctors and, so far to close this information had not located the probable injury.

Although federal authorities meddled in these facts at first and tried to deny that there was shooting, a video posted on the social network Facebook confirms the fact, besides those who tried to cover the sun with a finger, they did not take into account the video surveillance system exists on the boardwalk and is recorded directly in what is called C4.

This fact is the second known time sailors from the Navy of Mexico fired their weapons around the control actions of poaching and restrictions on commercial fishing in order to save from extinction the vaquita Marine.

Unofficially it transpired that no one was injured and shots of marine were in the air, for the purpose of warding off the curious, which is an unorthodox method par excellence, because if people look actions of authority and even photographing or filming the events, without disturbing the operation, no law authorizing the use of firearms is violated, therefore, it is a flagrant violation of human rights and the Constitution of the Republic, denoting the intolerance of those in authority, but is overwhelmed by the lack of training to act among civilians, to enforce the law and in contradiction.