2010 Blues and Art Festival

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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
The Blues and Art Festival

Art Slide Show

The 4th Annual Blues and Art Festival drew record attendance this year, nearly double last year's number. The weather, holding its breath in the early hours of the day, released its lungs in the afternoon. A brisk breeze rustled the tarps, rattled the tie-downs and made square sails of the painters' canvases. But the tightly arrayed pavilions and kiosks of the artits provided some windbreak for each other and the breeze never crossed the border of propriety.

The various venues returned to their habitual festival locations and more were added this year. There was a steady flow of foot traffic. Thousands of people turned up to enjoy the music and shop the artists' tents and stalls.

In attendance were Andrenna Joyce with her acrylic paintings, Arturo Gomez displaying his paintings, tiles and custom murals, Sr. Esquivia's beautifully stylized photographs, Baja Nueva presenting many attractive interior decor options, Elizabeth Kapa, Valentina Ragsdale, Rick Clark and Ruth Olivar Millan and Scott Kennedy, each showing their personalized painting styless, Baja Treasure with their table of intricate carvings in diverse mediums, Shaman Jose Hernandez Sanchez with his Huichol art, Robin Waters displaying her Digital Designs art, the Desert Mothers along with the Peoples' Gallery making available numerous art works, Marilyn Pardee showing her current boutique line, Marpivisions' original sewing creations, the pottery talents of Mary Mobley and Daria Mariscal. and many more.


Blues and Art Festival, 2010
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