San Felipe Carnival 2012

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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


Life's a Parade

Despite the Malecón having a bad case of psoriasis, dog-eared by stacks of ladrillos and suffering margins torn apart by untimely civic renovation ambitions, this year's Carnival parade went off with acceptable levels of mayhem and confusion. Cars driving into town where stopped at the glorieta and left to either find alternate routes to their destination or skulk about the neighborhood to find a place to park for the festivities. Vehicles that drove up to the pumps of the Pemex were offered an exit directly into the flank of the assembling dancers and parade floats.

The parade, scheduled to begin at 1PM, swung into action just after 2:30, which was almost a local land-speed record for punctuality. The theme for this year's colorful procession was 'The Jungle' and there were lots of grass huts, tropical foliage and costumes-gone-native surging down Avenida Chetumal. An odd addition to the collection which generally held to the chosen theme, was a Chinese Dancing Dragon.

Some of the trucks parked along the avenue's curb could pull your attention away from the passing floats. Many of the truck beds were converted into mini-patios, complete with furniture, coolers with food and beverages, and even sun umbrellas. Whole families were huddled in comparative luxury to watch the festivities from these verandas-on-wheels.

The weather was sunny and although a little breezy, not unfriendly to the afternoon's rolling tropical forest.

Hopefully the Malecón will be ready for next year's celebration. As you can see from a few of the photos, it will certainly not be ready for this year's Baja 250 Technical Inspection.


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