Danza y Bailes Regionales

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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Regional Folk Dancing

This afternoon (April 30, 2010), several regional Baja dance troupes converged on the Malecón to entertain a crowd that gathered despite the threat of our unrelenting wind. The wind, fierce and capricious for the past few days, held itself in abeyance long enough for the event to complete without incident. It was a great comfort that none of the copiously frocked dancers were sent paragliding into the Sea of Cortez in the arms of an unpredictable gust.

The entertainment offered up traditional dances from groups representing Mexicali and several surrounding ejidos. Our own COBACH hosted a splendid troupe that delivered a fine performance.

Dances included the Huapango, which originates from Mariachi music. The Huapango features couples lined up on opposite sides. The dancers stand erect and shuffle their feet while keeping the torso from moving. Sometimes dancers place a glass of water or wine on top of their heads to demonstrate their skills and coordination.

Another group demonstrated the Dance of the Machetes, which originally evolved in Nayarit. The men were dressed in white pants, a bandana and a traditional white shirt under a colored shirt. At intervals they clashed their machetes together to form machete arches under which their women, wearing flower print ranchera style outfits and colorful huichol fans, danced enticingly.


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