Local Phone Numbers

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
If you are visiting San Felipe and would like to call the United States or Canada (or anywhere else for that matter), the most convenient method would be to buy a calling card and use one of the many card phones in town. The local venues for purchasing a card are many. Most boticas and farmacias (pharmacies) sell them as well as gas stations. Telnor's (the phone company) office also carries them.

For instructions in English, push the little metal button with the flag icon on it and read the display window. Calling cards of 25, 35 and 50 pesos denominations are available (about $3-6).

Registration of Mexican Cell Phones
In February 2009, Mexico passed a law requiring cell phone service providers to track and store all customer details, calls, voicemails and text messages. The law requires that purchasers of pre pay cell phones provide identification at the time of purchase. Existing pre pay customers must register their identity or otherwise their phone will be deactivated after April 1, 2010. The purpose of these measures is to address the criminal use of cell phones for extortion and other illicit activities. If your Mexican cell phone is lost or stolen it is important to report the incident to the service provider to avoid any legal proceedings against you in case the telephone is used for illegal purposes.

Use of U.S. Cell Phones in Mexico
This paragraph applies to AT&T cell phones. Cell phones from other companies may or may not work the same way. - If you bring your cell phone to Mexico from another country but don't have an international calling plan, you should continue to receive calls as though you were still in your country. There will be additional charges, however. You can receive calls from telephones in Mexico but the caller must use your country code as though you were still in the country where the cell phone was issued. For outgoing calls, your cell phone will behave like a local telephone. You do not need to use the country code for calls to telephones within Mexico but you do need the country code for all calls to telephones outside of Mexico. Those calls can be quite expensive.

A Verizon customer reports (8/2009) that his plan allows calls to and from Mexico with no additional charges. It does use up your minutes but if you are communicating to another Verizon phone, then it does not use your minutes. This calling plan costs an additional US$15 per month over the regular plan.

As of November 4, 2006, the Mexican government added a surcharge of at least $0.14 per minute for international calls TO cell phones. This does not apply to calls to landline telephones. Some of Mexico's smaller cell phone companies have obtained a court order to block the charges. But Telmex, which controls 80% of the country's cell phone market, has agreed to impose the extra charges. Most of the additional charges collected will go to companies controlled by Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, who controls Telmex. So that international callers will know when they are calling a cell phone number, an additional digit will be required to complete the call. Previously a call to a cell phone was like any other international call, 011-52 + 10-digit number. Now to reach a cell phone, call 011-52-1 + 10-digit number. Note that when calling cell phones locally you call 044 + 10-digit number. When calling internationally, the 044 is omitted.

Can I use my cell phone in Mexico?
In most cases, they seem to work fine without making any arrangements but your calls may be very expensive. One way to reduce cell phone expense in Mexico is by purchasing a card that gives you so many minutes of cell time. These are available almost everywhere in increments of $100 pesos, about US$9. If you don't speak Spanish, you might get the salesperson to help you enter the minutes into your phone. This may be the most economical way, but perhaps your cell service provider has a better deal. Check with them and see--you may be able to get Mexico coverage for an additional monthly fee without additional per minute fees.

Many Mexico cellphone numbers have the prefix "044". This is only used when calling the number locally and is omitted for international calls. For example, to place a call locally to a cell phone you must dial 044 + the 10-digit number. To place a long distance call to the cell phone you omit the 044, e.g. 011-52 + the 10-digit number. To place an international call to a cell phone, you now must add a "1" after the country code, i.e. 011-52-1 + 10-digit number.

If you are calling a Mexican cell phone from within Mexico but it is a long distance call, the prefix is 045; then dial the 10-digit number. Omit the 045 when calling from outside Mexico and dial 011-52 + the 10-digit number.

For international long-distance calls, first dial 00, then the country code (for the U.S. and Canada the country code is 1, so you would dial 00 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number).

Cell Phone


Things You Might not Know Your Cell Phone Can Do

San Felipe numbers you should have:

Hot Lines (Emergency):

Police (Any Emergency) 066
Fire (emergency) 068
Electricity (emergency and non-emergency) 071
Tourism Department 078
Legal Assistance 061

Red Cross: (emergencies on the road) 066 (same for cell phones)
[Be sure to specify the clinic or hospital you want. You have the
right to be taken to whatever facility you prefer.]

MetCare Ambulance (Hospital) 577-0500

Non-Emergency Numbers:
Local Police 577-1134
Red Cross 577-1544
Mayor's Office 577-1021
Fire Dept/Ambulance 577-1182
Telnor Office 577-1000
MoviStar Cellphones
Water Company 577-1022
CFE (Electric Compny) 577-1060
Propane Company 577-2373
Bus Station 577-1516
Mayor's Office 577-1021
Tourism Department 577-2300
Federal Preventive Police 577-1045
Airport 577-1368

Local Numbers:
Copicentro 577-1402 Fax line 577-1466
Property Management 576-0081
Gringo Gazette 577-2560, FAX 577-1466
Computer Repair 576-0321
Water Truck (El Cuate) 577-2220 (cell 044-686-573-3285)
Estrella Azul (Water Dispensery) 577-1314
Propane Depot 577-2373

Health Center 577-1521
District Attorney's 577-1110
State Judicial Police 577-1203
Civil Protection Unit 577-1433
Chamber of Commerce 577-1104
Immigration Office 577-1083
Port Captain 577-1577
Bancomer 577-1090, 577-1051
Calexico Post Office 760-357-0206
Calexico GreyHound Depot (760) 357-1895




Hold the anchovies.
Click HERE for a map of cellphone coverage for Baja.

Marine Radio:
The following channels are currently in use. Once you contact the person
you are calling, change channels to talk. Otherwise, eavesdroppers get a free ticket. And of course, don't discuss times or dates you plan to be away from your home.

Channel 9 POLICEMAN at Km 34, Campo El Vergel
Channel 6 Taxi
Channel 24 SFARP members in town
Channel 67 La Hacienda residents
Channel 69 South Camp residents
Channel 72 El Dorado residents

Mexicali Numbers:


(Local and Long Distance Telephony)
Address: #702 the Reformation Bird.
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Tel: (686) 551-5057
Tel: (01-800) 025-2525

(Cellular Service Company)
Address: #1016 Benito Juárez Blvd. (Located in the Hotels Circle)
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico 21270
Tel: (686) 565-6509
Tel: (01-800) 026-2626

(Cellular Service Company)
Address: #1500 Benito Juarez Blvd. (Located in the Hotels Circle)
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico 21370
Tel: (686) 556-0984
Tel: (01-800) 111-3333

(Long Distance Telephony)
Address: The Reformation and Comercio St.
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Tel: (686) 555-9956
Tel: (01-800) 129-2100

(Long Distance Telephony)
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Tel: (686) 566-0324



EMERGENCY Tel: (686) 557-2493
Address: Adolph Lopez Mateos Blvd .and Anáhuac Blvd.
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico 21000
Tel: (686) 557-0044
Tel (01-800) 849-8257

24 Hrs. Service
Address: Manuel Go'mez Morín Blvd. and Lazaro Cardinal red Blvd.
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Tel: (686) 580-6666 & 561-3111

24HrsEMERGENCY Tel: (01-800) 028-0681
Address: Venustiano Carranza Blvd.
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico 21390
Tel: (686) 568-8000


24Hrs. EMERGENCY Tel: 073
Address: Calz independence.
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico 21000
Tel: (686) 556-1383


24Hrs. EMERGENCY Tel: 071
Address: #474 Street Potters
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Tel: (686) 557-5602