San Felipe Shrimp Festival - 2014

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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


XXII Shrimp Festival - 2014

This year's Shrimp Festival was a call back to the time when the town was thriving. There were more venues and kiosks than any of the past six festivals and a good crowd populated the Malecon for the event. Local sea-front restaurants were crowded and everyone looked like recently released hostages of Hard Times, -footloose and glad to be alive.

The festival parlayed the Malecon into a roster of usual suspects. Tequila booths, food pavilions, real estate kiosks, arts and crafts, rides for the kids, mariachis, staged music and dancing, a military recruitment tent, and offshore a flotilla of sculling shells touched their hips together like Xerxes at the Hellespont.

It would seem things are stirring to life in San Felipe. Tourists are beginning to tentatively return, properties are modestly moving between owners, and new businesses are appearing. It seems fitting San Felipe's most widely known and beloved celebration should show the early signals of better times to come. We have been waiting a long time.


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