San Felipe Shrimp Festival - 2015

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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


XXIII Shrimp Festival - 2015

Great weather, a large number of venues and a healthy crowd made this year's Shrimp Festival reminiscent of pre-Depression times. The absence of the habitual south end of the Malecon's fair-grounds with its attendant rides resulted in less distractions for the kids. In exchange, there were markedly more pavilions hawking liquor this year, so the adults were content. Presumably because of the commercial fishing ban, there was only a small turnout of seafood kiosks and restaurants seemed less crowded than last year.

Military recruitment centers, a common sight now at San Felipe social events, were represented by the Navy this year.

Carnival games, a Bud Light rolling tavern, the Mexicali Polaris dealership, artisans, trinkets, T-shirts and hats, several sweets and pastry venders, a chance to meet members of the local rowing team, and of course the usual real estate pitches and promises all helped make the 2015 Shrimp Festival a great way to spend the weekend.


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