San Felipe's 2009 Snowbird Festival


San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


The San Felipe's 2009 Snowbird Festival took place this year near the tourist office. The weather behaved as if it was the only trophy of the event, knowing the real reason snowbirds annually trek to Mexico is to escape the Shackleton snow fields of northern winters and find a place to throw off their anoraks and fleece-lined boots, preferably where sandals and Bermuda shorts are in sympathy with the climate. Well, they weren't disappointed. The warm afternoon showed everyone their decision to come to San Felipe was the right one.

About a hundred peopled showed up for the event and enthusiastically shared the music, singing, dancing and food, as well as a wide variety of donated ticket-draw prizes.

Familiar faces and a few new ones milled about, getting acquainted and reacquainted, performing the cyclical ritual that is one of the main attractions of this festival.

Part of the yearly recipe is folkloric dancing and this year had a group of costumed children perform a lively dance for the cheering audience.

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Snowbird Festival 2009