Charras of San Felipe - 2013

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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


Vaqueros - 2013

A posse of local charras gathered behind the Jollymon bar today where they participated in a variety of events and displays of horsemanship. It is not surprising the level of horsemanship is honed to such a superb level here. Mexico was the first country in the New World to receive the horse, thanks to Cortez and his Wild Bunch. These Mexican horses, or Galiceños, seem to be related to the Garrano of Portugal, a primitive horse of the Iberian Pensinsula.

Despite the centuries within Mexico, the Galiceños have have bred within their own herds and have remained relatively genetically pure. The reason for this appears to be their xenophobia. They are clanish and tend to avoid horses of other breeds.

Whatever the reason for their long history, the Galiceños are certainly strong, quick and maneuverable. They are always solid-colored, usually bay, black or chestnut, and are 12 or 13 hands high. North of the border, pinto colored Galiceños are not permitted by the US registry.


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