Sunshine Rises Again

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


December 3, 2017

-translated from CRISOLVIRTUA

A week after he was arrested by elements of the SEIDO, the president of the San Felipe River Fishermen's Federation, Sunshine Rodríguez Peña and his wife Sara Ahumada Islas, were released after a prolonged hearing before the judge of the criminal case, which lasted about ten hours.

Through a video that was broadcast on Facebook, Sunshine's brother, Antonio, accompanied by Mrs. Carolina Peña, mother, and other relatives, gave the news of the outcome of the hearing where the Attorney General's Office received a severe setback. He had set up an elaborate operation to apprehend the Rodríguez Ahumada family, but could not sustain the accusations.

The details of how the leader of fishermen and his wife regained their freedom have not been disclosed, but the family stood out with the followers of Sunshine, who were in separate rallies, one in the vicinity of the sub-delegation of the PGR in Mexicali and another one here in the Malecón of this fishing community, that all the charges were taken away, so the freedom would be total.

Jubilee is what was experienced when news was released about the freedom of Rodríguez Peña and his wife, who will soon be in San Felipe.