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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
The Bay of San Felipe
The Bay of San Felipe
Image updated every 10 minutes. has lost the previous webcam location due to rent increases. A new webcam is now located on the view deck of a residence at the south end of town. It features a panoramic view of the San Felipe Bay. The camera is configured to upload an image every 10 minutes.

This location is ideal as it has a clear view of El Macharro, the 'Diamond Head' of San Felipe. Shrimp boats often take refuge on the lee side of this prominence during high winds San Felipe Webcam Awardand storms. The deck also a great vantage point from where you can see boat activity or enjoy a terrific view of the Sea of Cortez.


Shadetree Computer Services, which has hosted the Blueroadrunner webcam for the last six years, is relocating to the ejido north of town. Its computer repair services and webpage design opportunities will be available from this location.

Blueroadrunner's new webcam location sponsored by:
Digital Designs by Robin Waters



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