Baja 250, 2010


San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


Baja 250 Technical Inspection

This year the Baja 250 was a ramrod that repeatedly lunged into the musket of San Felipe, pounding the Malecón into a heavy ball of activity. The spectators were shoulder-to-shoulder and taking photographs of the cars during Technical Inspection became a real challenge.

The race was all there was in town during the event. Nothing else was possible, nor had a reason to be. The desert threw up plumes that hung in the air long enough for a hazy sunrise the following morning. Businesses in town were thriving and the feeling was the Baja 250 in itself was enough to erase the negative elements that have kept the usual flow of tourists away from San Felipe.

Rental units were fully booked, something that hasn't happened during an event in over a year. And Tecate unleashed its bigger and badder inflated beercans for the occasion.

Traffic was more like a grunion run than a municipal mandate. The police seemed to feel it was better to just step aside rather than slow the flow even more by intervening. But the race transpired without any major dramas and the people who wanted to leave town during its course eventually managed to do so.

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