San Felipe Car Insurance

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Automobile insurance is like having a guard dog standing watch over your Armani wardrobe. Accidents can happen. Fate can single out anyone's Blazer, especially when the driver (or wearer) is sitting behind a bush with his pants down around his ankles. So be prepared for the unexpected.

Accidents can happen.
This dog may be just plane deaf.

There are several places on the internet that offer a wide range of auto insurance services if you are planning to take your own car into Mexico. Listed below are some links to sites that may help you buy some peace of mind.

Another suggestion --make sure your dog has no hearing problems.

If you're planning a stay in San Felipe and need a motel or hotel room, perhaps an apartment or condominium, or even if you're looking for a house to rent, check the accommodations page.

Links to On-Line or US Border Companies that offer Auto Insurance:

And if you're the one in the Aircraft, here's where you can find insurance: