Horseback Riding

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


Leather upholstery. Four on the floor. All terrain capacity. These are terms the usual visitors to San Felipe have in mind when they want to take to the open desert or beach and practice a bit of ritualistic vacationism. Usually they rent a Quad and scream through the streets of San Felipe, dodging verbal fusilage from shopkeepers who appreciate a bit of quiet. But there is an alternative for those who like a slower pace and time to appreciate the scenery. Horseback Riding.

There are presently two locations you can rent horses. First, in San Felipe, rides are usually offered on the beach beside the Malecón. Just look for a man with a small bouquet of horses in his hand (at the end of the reins, of course).

The other place is Pete's Camp, about seven miles north of San Felipe on the east side of the highway. A small stable of horses is kept on the north side of the access road. Just park beside the paddock and look for Jesus.

Here is an article written by one of Jesus' customers:

As a dressage rider and hunter/jumper competitor, I would never have believed that riding horses in San Felipe could be so fabulous! At Pete's Camp, north of San Felipe, I met Jesus, who is the proud owner of some very nice Pinto horses. In fact, in all my 30 years of riding and vacationing in Mexico I have never seen such well kept, loved horses. Jesus has deep affection for each and every one of his horses and handles them with gentle discipline. The result is a small herd of excellent trail horses.

Horses at Pete's Camp
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These are not your standard "dude" horses! The 3 year old black and white stallion is so well mannered that while trail riding with the mares, I was in disbelief of his gender. Traveling with us was a mare and Guapa, the 5 month old filly, running behind, picking up coconuts, palm leaves and in general keeping us laughing as we walked and cantered along the splendid white beaches. Guapa loved all the children playing along our route, stole a few sand pails from them and always nuzzled up for pats on the head from everyone. We all beamed like proud parents as we watched her decide to roll in the water then become startled as the next wave hit her while she was still down. What laughter we enjoyed on that fine sunny day. For Jesus, it was just another horseride.

Jesus charges $20/hour but is very generous with overtime. He seems fine with an additional $10 tip for another hour. For the continued discipline and safety of all riders, be sure to WALK back to the stable. Jesus has disciplined his horses to do this in order to avoid any "run away" issues with novice riders.

Jesus will be at Pete's until July then take a break until October when the fun begins again. Have a great time!

JC Whitfield, Jackson Hole, Wyoming