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San Felipe, Great Scenery

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San Felipe, Baja, is a vacation destination, a retirement solution, a sport mecca, a fisherman's paradise, an artist's muse, a hero with a thousand faces. Picture yourself paddling your kayak into a pod of porpoises, or collecting shells during tides so low they carry the sea a quarter mile from the shore. Visit a forest of giant cacti that throw shadows longer than a football field, or enjoy the best selection of seafood on three borders. Celebrate a Mexican-style Mardi Gras, or watch world-famous off-road races. Marvel at the spectacle of grunion runs or just relax under a persistent sun, a tanning region that distinguishes San Felipe as the second sunniest place on the planet. Many people who come to visit, remain to live here.

Are there other reasons to visit San Felipe? Well, it has affordable real estate, good hotels, fishing, nightlife, golf, poker runs, karaoke, off road races, watersports, desert tours; it even has a Dinner Theater. And San Felipe is the ultimate place to be during Spring Break. But before you cross the border, make sure you know the latest laws and requirements expected of visitors...

Click for important information on Tourist Visas, Car Rentals and Mexican Auto Insurance, Fishing Regulations, Drinking the Water, Currency Converter and more! Check our San Felipe weather links to see why thousands of snowbirds flock to the town in the winter months.

Looking for something to read? Check our stories, poems and articles by local writers. Or browse the selection of Baja Books.

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